1. You have written your own document in English, and do not have the time to outsource it. You have a command of your professional vocabulary, but lack some writing skills and would like the syntax and the typography to be checked.

2. Your Czech distributor has translated your group’s sales brochure himself. How can you be sure that the translation is of good quality and flows properly?

Contact 5/5. We can help you by proofreading or revising your document.

How do you choose between proofreading and revision?

A proofreader will ensure that your translated document does not contain any typographical, grammatical or spelling errors.

A reviser will check your translated document for form (correcting any mistakes and errors) and will also compare the meaning of each sentence with the original text, which is the basis for your translated version.

In both cases, we can treat your words and remedy your ills!


Exemple d’une traduction qui n’a pas été relue !