B-to-B Design is a communications agency based in Montpellier, whose speciality is helping high-technology and biotechnology businesses to develop internationally.

To do this, it creates communication media adapted to the client’s intended markets and offers communication strategies which aim to improve the visibility of a brand or business.


As part of its research into possible names for the creation of a new product, B-to-B Design asked 5/5 for some spontaneous work with its team in order to ensure that any potential translations would not have a negative connotation or effect on future consumers in the United Kingdom, Italy, Morocco and Israel.

As 5/5 has partners working in their country of origin, it was clear that we should contact them for this project.

The 5/5 response5

4 languages – 4 countries

8 colleagues in their own country and therefore able to give their opinion on the name of a product to be marketed.

We would like to thank you for the excellent evaluation work you did on names in 4 countries, as well as the subsequent report. We don’t know if you are used to doing this type of work, but we will call upon you again as soon as the occasion presents itself.”