For more than a century, SAINT HONORE has been synonymous with the famous “Paris Style” and a signature on collections of unrivalled design.

From Paris to New York, from Tokyo to Dubai, SAINT HONORE is established in more than 60 countries and offers models of watches, accessories and jewels which are always in tune with current tastes.


Translation and page layout using Indesign for the press release from English into Arabic, German, Japanese and Russian. Adherence to the brand editorial line and conversion into the various languages.
Other work: translation of press releases and letters, mainly into English.

The 5/5 response5

52 pages EN>JP/AR/RU/GE

Indesign Translation + DTP

The timescale for translation is fast and is always observed. The fact that the translators are mother tongue makes it possible to have translations that match the source as closely as possible. The translators are able to adapt to the most technical of requests, particularly when it involves “watchmaker” vocabulary.”