Sulky was founded in 1936 and is now a company employing 200 people. It is innovative and independent, specialising in the manufacture of seeders and fertiliser spreaders. The factory is in France, more specifically in Brittany on a 13,000 m² site.

Optimal organisation of this modern production unit makes it possible to combine efficiency, quality


Translation and DTP incorporation into the VISION II DPB manual layout from French to Romanian.
Other work: for 10 years, 5/5 has done all the multilingual translations and updated all the user manuals for Sulky Burel. Adherence to brand-specific terms and management of characters for Internet displays.

The 5/5 response5

Quark X Press format 10 years of confidence 13 languages

2013: InDesign format, 15 languages

Our collaboration over many years, enables us to confirm that 5/5 is a concentrate of expertise, listening to clients and skill, all wrapped up in good humour!”