VALOREX® means a project of VALORisation by EXtrusion.

For more than 20 years, VALOREX has endeavoured to develop VALORISATION procedures for grains that years ago were very much used in animal nutrition, but for which the prior cooking required made their use difficult, such as linseed, white lupine, field beans, rape, peas, etc.

Nowadays, nearly 80 people are building the Tradi-Lin technology, a concept that is now present in more than fifteen countries.


Translation and sub-titles for a video.

Other work: French > English translations of specifications, product presentations, articles, reports, etc. and website headings.

The 5/5 response5

8 minutes

English time-in time-out

Translation into French

Insertion of sub-titles and creation of a DVD

We have worked with 5/5 for several years. Responsiveness, dynamism, high quality work and understanding are the key words underlining our relationship. ”